How To Prevent A HDB Fire

For many Singaporeans, their property is their most valuable asset, given the sky-high prices of residential homes in Singapore. We want to protect our homes from any damage or wreckages at all costs.

How To Prevent A Fire At Home   

One disastrous event which could lead to a whole home being ruined is the deadly threat of fire, which is unfortunately relatively common. Anything like a child playing with lighters or candles, an unattended stove, or a faulty piece of equipment could trigger a devastating fire. While, touchwood, we do not want this to happen, there are a few ways we could better protect ourselves, our families, and our apartments from this deadly threat.   Here are some of the good practices to adopt in order to minimize the risk of home fires.  

  • Install Smoke Detectors and Alarms in Your Home 

We are all only human, and it is not always easy for us to detect a leaky pipe or burning stove. Having smoke detectors installed could assist in giving us an early warning sign, so that homeowners can successfully put out the fire and salvage their homes and lives.    Always remember to test them monthly to ensure that they are still in working condition. We do not want them to fail when we need them most. Setting them off annually and ensuring that everyone is able to escape from their rooms and the house safely is also a good practice.  

  • Declutter the passageways 

HDB hallways tend to be cluttered with objects like shoe racks, plants, bicycles and more. In the event of a fire, however, these could become major fire hazards, which could prevent your way of escape. Be sure to always have a clear walkway in the event of an emergency.  

  • Always Perform Tests and Checks on Heating Equipment at Home 

Faulty equipment like central wire and cord systems and stoves are one of the leading causes of home fires. It is essential that they are not left unchecked and neglected. A regular test and check of these equipment for early warning signs such as a short circuit could make all the difference.  

  • Store Flammable Objects in a Safe Place 

Many necessities we own are flammable. Some of them include hand sanitisers and cosmetics. We should always be sure to store them in their specified storage locations, usually a cool and dry place. Ensure that they are not in contact with water or lighters.  

  • Keep the Lighters Out of Reach of Children 

  A small naked flame could spell big trouble, and lighters are usually the main cause of concern. If you have young ones at home, be sure to keep your lighters out of their reach, in case they mischievously play with the lighters and it gets into contact with flammable products.    How Do I Better Protect Myself and My Home From This Threat?   You have heard of life insurance, health insurance, personal accident insurance. But have you heard of home insurance before?    81% of Singaporeans live in a HDB, and it is important to pick out a suitable HDB home insurance to protect you, your family and your flat.    To see a comparison between the most robust home insurance plans, our expert home insurance analysts have compiled their reviews on some of the most value-for-money home insurance plans for the HDB-dwellers. To better protect yourself and your home from deadly threats such as fire, visit our webpage for some of their top picks, at least one of which would surely be suitable for you!